Kicking It Off….


I thought I’d start out this blog by stating that I am interested in community development – what it is, what it isn’t, and how it can be formalized into a management system.  This has been and continues to be the focus of a first research paper that I am writing for my Master’s Degree program in sustainability leadership at Cambridge University.

It also happens to be an area of focus for my organization as it represents a commercial opportunity for us in terms of service development for existing and potential customers.  As such, we hope to include this topic / aspect in our ISRS – International Sustainability Rating System assessment protocol.  Of course, more on all this later.

IN OTHER NEWS, I ran across a very interesting paper, and it should be, in my opinion, required reading for anybody starting to get their feet wet in this field:  “Squaring the circle?  Some thoughts on the idea of sustainable development,” by John  Robinson, published in the journal Ecological Economics in 2004.  Enjoy – it was an eye opener for me, yet I basically grew up when this historical stuff was taking place (now that dates me!).

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